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A highly selective SGLT2 inhibitor for Type 2 diabetes treatment that removes glucose and its associated calories via the kidneys*1

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The first combination of a SGLT2 inhibitor (FORXIGA®) and metformin.2

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* The efficacy of FORXIGA and XIGDUO is dependent on renal function, and efficacy is reduced in patients who have moderate renal impairment and likely absent in patients with severe renal impairment. FORXIGA® and XIGDUO® is not recommended for use in patients with moderate-to-severe renal impairment (CrCl <60 mL/min or eGFR <60 mL/min/1.73 m2).1

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FORXIGA & XIGDUO Type 2 diabetes treatments

An introduction to FORXIGA®

FORXIGA® is a highly selective SGLT2 inhibitor for treatment of Type 2 diabetes, taken as a once-daily tablet.

The only SGLT2 inhibitor with 4-year efficacy data

FORXIGA® delivers significant HbA1c reductions that are sustained over 4 years.

SGLT2 inhibition: Why is selectivity important?

SGLT2 is almost exclusively expressed in the kidney.

XIGDUO® one tablet, twice daily

XIGDUO® delivers the multiple benefits of two agents in one convenient formulation.

XIGDUO®: Complementary MOA

XIGDUO® combines two Type 2 diabetes treatments with complementary MOAs to reduce and remove excess glucose.

Additional benefits of XIGDUO®

Reductions in HbA1c are sustained over time, with the additional benefits of weight loss and blood pressure reductions.

FORXIGA® and XIGDUO® are not indicated for the management of obesity or high blood pressure. Weight change was a secondary endpoint and blood pressure change was primarily assessed as a safety or exploratory efficacy endpoint in clinical trials